Transforming the future. Say watt???

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The Game!

Off The Grid is the BEST game of 2019. A massive catastrophe has disabled powerlines across America and Canada. The game revolves actions that need to be taken in order to restore the power grid. Robots may need to clear debris, replace residential and substation transformers, connect powerlines, install conduits, and even autonomously operate in high voltage zones.

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WIRED Electrical Innovations

WIRED is the robotics team of Westbrook Intermediate, which includes 6th-8th grade students. There are 28 students on the team actively involved in preparing for this year's BEST competition. The team is divided into specialized groups focused on robot, electronics, programming, marketing, book, and exhibition booth. All team members work together to brainstorm ideas for all areas of the competition.

Our line repair robot, JupiterSLR is designed to clear debris, operate autonomously in high voltage areas, rehang fallen powerlines, and repair conduit trenches.

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Boost Engineering Science and Engineering, BEST, provides middle and high school a challenge to build a functioning robot that can perform real-work tasks. In six weeks students apply leadership, project management, and organizational skills to present, market, and showcase the company product.

WIRED 2019 Promo Video