Vulcan FR

Vulcan FR Info:

WIRED Fire and Rescue Inc.'s top of the line robot prototype, the VulcanFR, is capable of 3 main operations:.

1. Rescue an unconscious person from a fire and allow the firefighters to look after him or her.

2. Remove hazardous material drums from the scene of the fire and relocate them to a containment area.

3. Put out fires in an industrial fire scene.

Vulcan FR Specifications:
Weight: 18 lbs
Size: 18" X 23" X 22.5"
Straight-Line Speed: 2.09 ft/s
DOFs: 6 (3 base (x, y, and yaw), 1 rake (pitch), 1 catapult arm (pitch), and 1 latch)

Total Cost (Materials and Labor): $4,025

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The victim retrieval Rescue system uses a state of the art rake to safely transport victims out of a fire. The VulcanFR is made of strong materials that can safely retrieve people from dangerous areas.

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VulcanFR’s bucket-catapult Firefighting system can quickly do the life-threatening work of firefighters without putting anyone’s life in danger. It can extinguish fires quickly and also has a water recycling system that can collect water that has already been used to fight even more flames.

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The magnetic Hazmat retrieval system quickly and efficiently removes dangerous chemicals from a burning area. It uses strong, lightweight, magnets to quickly grab onto the chemical drums and keep ahold of them as it transports the chemicals away from the fire and into the containment area.